-: About Us :-

Basava Samithi was established in the year 1964 under the Presidentship of Late Vice President of India Dr. B.D. Jatti with the main objective of propagating the philosophy of Basaveshwara and his contemporaries. The Samithi has done commendable work in the religious, social, literary and cultural fields. Basava Samithi is publishing journals in seven languages namely:

  1. Basava Patha : Monthly (Kannada).
  2. Basava Journal : Quarterly(English).
  3. Basava Marg : Quarterly(Hindi).
  4. Basava Padam : Quarterly(Tamil).
  5. Basava Patham : Quarterly (Telugu).
  6. Basava Patha : Quarterly(Marathi).
  7. Basava Patha : Quarterly (Malayalam).

The publications of the Samithi are economically priced to suit the pocket of every individual so that the principles preached by Sharanas reach more and more people in the country and abroad.